The Shoe that Fits You" Try Running a Marathon with a Tight or a Loose Shoe. Good luck finishing it ".


When Apple, or Google for that purpose were designing their working space, they made sure that their employees interact with each other freely.

At times, different teams, like “The Design and Innovation”, “the Research and Development Team”, and “The Marketing Team” were given spaces next or nearby to their complementing teams.

The reason they ascribed was to inter-team cohesiveness, free flow of ideas and creativity, and smoother execution.

They even tried to restrict cubicles only at places where necessary. And, in the history of big-tech startups, we don’t need to speak for innovations made by these two giants.

To most typical startups or even established companies, this might sound like a misadventure. They would argue, “Our employees won’t work. They’ll just chitter-chatter, thence reducing the overall efficiency”. And frankly, they won’t really be wrong.

This is about identifying your niche, the work culture, and the company policies which will complement your growth at this stage of your venture.

Quite frankly, as per the feedback of our entrepreneur partners, this is amongst the most hectic decisions they encounter in the initial stages of the venture.

Our team recommends to them, the best policies and cultures to build, customized to their domain, space, and timings.


  • The Shoe Bites: A new shoe, at times, takes a while to adjust to your feet. But a wrong one might give you a bloody feet.
  • Deciding the company policies, and the legal complexities involved in its implementation.
  • The Deciding Factor: How to know if it fits you perfect? Of course by wearing it. But unlike trying ten pairs of shoes, you can’t implement ten policies and blame it on the day at the end.


  1. Play the game that you excell into so that you’re certain to win. We have the expertise to handle these elaborate assignments, that our handpicked professionals have earned in decades in the market.
  2. Team CorpSourceOne invested an in-depth research of multiple company policies and studying their implementaion in real time to understand what would really work in real life and not only on paper. CorpSourceOne have put that time, so that you don’t have to.
  3. Our team at CorpSourceOne have studied not only our partner startups on which we worked with the company policies, but 1000s of global market cases to keep our edges sharp.


  1. The startup community is a small community, and boastfully speaking, most of the partners we delivered Human Rights Consultancy Services to were not our new clients but recommendations from the ones we served in the past.
  2. That speaks for the the quality of the delivery of the services. Quite frankly speaking, most of them have become a part of CorpSourceOne family and no longer just a formal client.
  3. The testimonials from these startups in infancy, Growing alongside to them, and knowing that several of these ventures will be Unicorns and Decacorns, with the likes of Cred, and Swiggy keeps up on our toes.

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