Identify the Right Engine for your Wagon"Right Leadership is the space between vision and realization"

Let's take a story from the pages of the history. The history of personal computers,
when there were only a couple of players really, fighting to bite the larger chunk of the
unexplored market.

The story here is of the premium computer and accessories brand, Apple. When we hear of apple, we simultaneously think of Steve Jobs (as the founder).
Not all of us know that the brains behind the building of the Apple computers were a co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak. Without his geniuses, Steve Jobs would not have any machines to make compact, and much use of his calligraphy courses. Still, Jobs remains the celebrated one in the tandem.

With all due respect to Steve Jobs, he was a brilliant leader, a far-sighted visionary, and a cunning entrepreneur. Without him, perhaps, Apple would not have made it out of the Garage.

You see, running a company/Startup is like running a car, you just can’t replace the steering wheel with the tires, no matter how robust it is. Every part has its best play and capacity and we better let doing it.


  1. The Right Direction: Most of us take a venture with our colleagues or ex-
    colleagues, because we understand what they are good at and how efficient they are at it.
    Well, we can’t find a talented colleague for all the arms of our venture. So, how do we find the best fit from all the names in the market?
  2. Approach to the Best Bet: The waters you are putting your feet into might be only so deep, that every fish in the waters knows of the hungry sharks.

     Despite knowing the best talents you can bet your eggs on, there is usually no

    smooth channel of approach.

  3. Baiting the Shark: The sharks are out in the market for a big hunt, and for that, they would not hesitate a long chase.
     Can you convince them that you are the big one in the market? That, they will eat the most meat if they hunt beside you.


The solution WP consulting came up with combined cutting edge technology with real world practicality. Everyone knew that the systems had to be updated, the real challenge was updating them without disrupting the whole organization in a negative way. The solution was to introduce proper workload management done through computers, while providing mobile platforms to the stakeholders.

This allowed the workers to be involved in the job instead of feeling like they had been made redundant by technology.


Arguzo employees are now more empowered; Arguzo also has the benefit of generating reports instantaneously whenever needed. They can now make decisions on the fly based on the latest real time data.

The effort vastly improved the company’s planning and execution functions, created and implemented a new stock policy that accounted for specific SKUs and key variables, streamlined the order preparation process and reduced distribution transport times.

By the numbers, the effort:

  • Reduced lead time by 43%
  • Decreased variability by 50%
  • Lowered the risk of back-order by 95%
  • Increased stock for finished goods by 10%

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