Finding the Technocrats need not be Rocket Science"You do not build every wing you fly with."

Finding the right team can be as tricky as finding the perfect one.

Let us consider here a rising startup from the Fin-tech domain. In the first couple of years, it raised around 50 Million USDs (almost 80 Mil USD total mentioned in its last GST filings).


With the investors betting on the idea and the team, suggests a strong foundation and a tandem with a potential capacity of idea realization.

In the Fin-Tech domain, as in every Tech-based startup, the Technology dominates altogether.

Going further, this startup has got the idea of flying, it has measured the skies and has the potential to fly, but it lacks the wings. 

This is when CorpSourceOne shows up in the picture.

Here, we might be conveying about one specific startup, but the same is the case in almost all the startups in the various domains. Some of our eminent clientbase are Cred, SwiggyDaily, and Freecharge.

  1. Finding the cream: The traditional recruitment platforms might work well for generic talents, but the cream never really makes it to the job markets.
  • Most of these specialized hirings are done through inside recommendations and into the close networks.
  1. Saving your meat: Finding talent is hard, but retaining is not a cupcake either.
  • There are several sharks out there to bite the right meat, and with finances not being a constraint, the firms face a challenge containing the best technocrats.
  1. The Perfect Match: A particular company, also a startup has a culture that is established by the team, their vision, their work culture, their motivations, i.e., it varies for different organizations.
  • Adaptation to different cultures is rough not just for the new member of the team, but it affects the efficiency of the entire team.
  • Our highly specialized career coaches come from a profound network and experience of 100+ years combined.
  • Since these coaches and recruiters are from varied domains and a part of a large community, they happen to know when a talent with a good portfolio seeks a switch.
  • Even our recruits for basic profiles are not from conventional mass recruitment platforms but through non-conventional ways, like, the best colleges and universitiesthe social networkscommunity hirings, specially dedicated forums, and alike.
  • When we suggest a prospective candidate, our team makes sure through our research that the talent is expected to grow with your company.
  • While most of our research for the perspective candidate revolves around their qualifications, a sharp emphasis is put on the previous work cultures to understand the evolution of the candidates.

We really have put a lot of work into creating a pool of talented candidates to match your requirements, so that you can worry about the management and growth of your firm (at which, you are the best), and leave finding the team on us (at which we are proud to say that we are).

  1. Immediate Hiring: We have helped several startups with immediate urgent hiring, which reduced their execution time and improved their efficiency, to move faster than the competition to strike the goals.
  • You see, timing is everything.
  1. We take pride in saying that, some of our recruits have worked on developing the back-end of Cred, the front-end of Freecharge, the front-end of SwiggyDailyand numerous other startups flying high.
  2. Our partner retention is almost 100%, as the services we provide with the kind of back support is exclusively premium.
  3. Multiple of these platforms which have hired executives through us approach us in the future to hire key management through us.
  4. Certainly, their growth stories will find us mentioned in the background.

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