Professional SearchFind the right people for the right roles to deliver your strategy

You've got the strategy, CSO find the talent.

For your strategy to take off, you need the right people in the right roles who are right behind it. We help you find them. First, you need to know who you’re looking for. We call on our own connections as well as AI sourcing and industry insights to pinpoint the best possible candidates for you—fast.

Then, it’s time to reel them in. As part of our strategy, we use our personal networks to spread the word about your organization—making sure it’s the destination that will attract skilled middle to upper level managers.

It works. No one knows more about the science of professional search and professional recruitment than us. We’ve tried and tested our approach on single hires, whole teams and on almost every industry the world over. So, whatever direction your organization takes next, we can find the people to help you get there.

What we doOur specialists around the world use different kind of tools and analytics with in-depth market and industry knowledge that cover every stage of the talent acquisition process.

Talent Acquisition

Attract and retain the right people at every level of your organization by leveraging our scientific research, practical experience and healthcare expertise.

Executive Search

We bring in the best leaders for your business, team and culture, and we build the right compensation packages to keep them motivated and on top of their game.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Our RPO partnerships reduce your hiring costs, speed up recruitment and find quality candidates, so you can grow faster with motivated, high-performing teams.

Project Recruitment

We help you quickly fill large numbers of roles when you need to—like during a merger or acquisition, relocation, expansion or to support a new product launch.

How we help youWe help you quickly fill large numbers of roles when you need to—like during a merger or acquisition, relocation, expansion or to support a new product launch.

We find the right candidates

We use some of the best tools in the industry. Our digital assessments, recruitment technology and success profiles show you what good looks like in every role.

We help you hire them faster

We use our industry connections and vast talent database to find top talent quickly—then we get them excited about joining your organization.

Help you hire them at scale

Whether you’re hiring one manager or many, in a single office or in offices around the world, we find the right leaders at the right levels in the right industries.

How CSO operates

Contractual Staffing

requires skilled individuals with specific experience or expertise for only a limited period of time till the accomplishment of the project/job. In many cases, employers simply hire the employee, which is beneficial for both employers as well as the employee.

Temporary Staffing

involving industry professional staff who work according to seasonal demand. They are skilled and experienced at performing the specific task they’re being hired for. Can also be termed seasonal employment or seasonal staffing. A number of industries use these services regularly.

Permanent Staffing

finding the exact fit to accomplish a specific goal for an organization. Today, when organizations hire, they are looking to achieve a specific goal. Hence, today hiring is not a search for an employee, but rather a search for a specialist.

Resource Management

assisting our clients to optimize their human resources to maximize productivity. Includes cost reduction, increased productivity, and streamlining of operational processes.