Company Overview

In a competitive market, CSO features a disruptive technique. CSO is a Human Resources firm situated in Noida, established in 2018. Since then, it has also established an office in Bengaluru as well and achieved an overall staff strength of 20+ onboard HR professionals.

As an experienced and growing HR Solutions provider in a competitive market, CSO has taken the time and made the effort to understand business requirements. Business competitiveness for our clients is being driven to the limit, therefore our clients demand ‘very specific’ skills to employ. We understand our clients’ precise needs, focusing on the reality of the business market today.

No matter where our clients do business they all share a certain universal realities as unique to each city, region, country or geography, there are a number of key common denominators

Brief About Human Resources

HR is and always has been about talent acquisition. Matching definite skills and the right attitude to meet business objectives. Without the correct & skilled manpower, any business is doomed to suffer difficulties and losses.

Finding the correct skill fit is not a quick and easy process. Many SME business owners discover this the difficult way. Ultimately, a business is only as good as its employees and the talent it employs. Therefore Hiring the right skill set cannot be reiterated enough – it is crucial for the continued survival and success of a business.

How CSO operates

CSO has a very specific and effective process in place to narrow down and find the most suitable candidates as per our client’s requirements within the short span. CSO prides itself on streamlining the process from sourcing to onboarding within 48 hours. A novel specialty enabling our clients to save cost
with quick resource solutions.

The various types of staffing provided by CSO are as follows

  1. Contractual Staffing; requires skilled individuals with specific experience or expertise for only a limited period of time till the accomplishment of the project/job. In many cases, employers simply hire the employee, which is beneficial for both employers as well as the employee.
  2. Temporary Staffing; involving industry professional staff who work according to seasonal demand. They are skilled and experienced at performing the specific task they’re being hired for. Can also be termed seasonal employment or seasonal staffing. A number of industries
    use these services regularly.
  3. Permanent Staffing; finding the exact fit to accomplish a specific goal for an organization. Today, when organizations hire, they are looking to achieve a specific goal. Hence, today hiring is not a search for an employee, but rather a search for a specialist.
  4. Resource Management Solutions; assisting our clients to optimize their human resources to maximize productivity. Includes cost reduction, increased productivity, and streamlining of operational processes.

CSO works with start-ups

CSO understands that Startups have the very immediate and urgent skill and talent requirements. Start-ups don’t spare resources to invest in the trial-and-error method. Hiring the wrong person can be completely disastrous for a start-up.

Ground realities take precedence always, and the priority for a start-up is hiring the right person. Most startups lack the ability to locate the perfect human resources. This is our area of expertise. We take the responsibility on our shoulders to find the perfect expertise and skilled professionals for a start-up. We actively assist startups to achieve their goals successfully.

Furthermore, due to our extensive hands-on and in-depth experience in the field of HR (Human Resources), we actively provide expert professional advice to our clients. Most start-ups lack the expertise involved in the intricacies of HR. CSO is the solution to effectively help acquire talent in limited timelines and minimize the cost of hire.


The core values of CSO

Without sturdy values upon which a foundation is built, success and growth are impossible. The core values upon which CSO is built are as follows;

  1. Integrity; following the highest standards of professional ethics, transparency and honesty.
  2. Respectful; one of the foundational values required for any form of success.
  3. Accountable; we take responsibility for our commitments and services, and therefore are driven by extreme seriousness towards the results we are delivering to you/our clients.
  4. Teamwork; we work as one with our clients, to achieve for our clients their goals. Everything possible is done to ensure that our clients gain the best possible advantage to be successful.
  5. Fun; we endeavor seriously to share a work culture of joy and positivity for all clients, alongside the seriousness. It is well known and proven to drastically enhance productivity.
  6. Self Improvement; being specialists in the field of HR we are aware that learning is a journey and not a destination. As a result we are always in the process of polishing our skill set in the direction of perfection.
  7. Boldness; years of experience in a competitive and merciless market has taught us without sympathy and has therefore given us a confidence that comes only with experience. The confidence and boldness displayed by us has been earned though experience.

Notable track record of CSO

On an average 72 hours of turn-around time (TAT) for hiring the correct talent and handpicked talent in 15 days’ time. The high conversion rate of 87% and 500+ hires for over 15 clients who we are working with actively.

The objective of CSO is to enable young businesses to become successful. We allow businesses to focus on their core business while we provide the much-needed support for the right skill acquisition. A winning combination for ultimate business success. Our expertise and specialized skills in HR are directed at young start-ups, entrepreneurs, and businesses. Thus, we hope to provide all start-ups with the best possible chance of survival and success with quick ROI.

CSO assists you/our client with guaranteed hiring of super talented professionals in the shortest duration possible. We are startup centric and royally inexpensive assisting you with streamlining your business process.

how can we help you?

Contact us at the Consulting WP office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

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